Somatic Astrology – Insight and Clarity on Your Soul’s Path

Somatic Astrology – Insight and Clarity on Your Soul’s Path

Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts and all of our spiritual practices, life still feels unclear

Are you…

  • Experiencing a particularly challenging time?
  • In transition and wondering what’s next?
  • Seeking to re-connect to the joy, love, and magic that some part of you knows is truly yours in this lifetime?

In a personal Somatic Astrology reading, we’ll dive deep into what’s happening in your current experience:  the story being told about your soul’s path at this moment, and the steps or shifts for you to align more fully with your highest good and create more easy, joy, and connection to your life force.

We’ll look at what lessons, transformations or shifts are occurring and what aspects of your growth or path are asking to come more into your awareness… so you can fully live your purpose and experience the fullness of joy in this body and life.

Important note: I don’t do “predictions.” You are always at choice and have free will in all that you create.

What I can do is shine the light on what’s happening that’s not being seen:

  • Uncover the deeper layers of what’s happening in relation to current transits
  • Reveal the patterns and themes at play in your life
  • Guide you through the greater story that’s unfolding
  • Allow your next steps to come into greater clarity and ease

And, because we want this to go deeper than “head knowledge” into real transformation, I’ll be guiding you through

  • Feeling into how the current energy that’s playing out resonates in your body and nervous system
  • How to listen to your inner wisdom emerging
  • How to identify what’s ready to be released
  • …And your next steps forward

So you can reconnect to the beauty and joy of your life experience… to feel that sense of goodness and awe in the fullness of your purpose; your unique life path.


  • New Moon or Full Moon Somatic Astrology Mini-Readings
  • Full Current Transit Somatic Astrology Readings
Full Moon or New Moon Mini-Reading

The New Moon is a moment when the sun (representing our conscious awareness)  and the moon (our emotional body and unconscious depths) are right in alignment. (The conjunction of the sun and moon is what creates a New Moon).

This alignment makes it a powerful moment for intention setting, especially for the upcoming moon cycle.

The Full Moon, when the sun and moon are in “opposition” to each other across the sky, represents a phase of gratitude, harvest of what we’ve created, release of what no longer serves us, and deepened awareness of what we’re creating.


In a New Moon  or Full Moon Mini-Reading, we’ll check out..

  • What area/ “house” of your chart is this New Moon/ Full Moon occurring in?  This shows us the place for powerful intention setting for the upcoming cycle; or what area of your life is ripe for transformation and release.


  • What other transits in your birth chart does this New Moon/ Full Moon connect to? This tells us what other aspects of your life path are being activated, called forward, or transformed.


  • You’re welcome to send one or two questions or current issues that you’re exploring- we’ll look at them in the light of the current transits and how you might set your highest intentions and best work with what wants to unfold.


  • Or, you can simply let me check out how this New Moon/ Full Moon hits your chart, and receive deeper insight and clarity about what’s unfolding for you, now.


How it Works

  • Your New Moon/ Full Moon Mini-Reading is delivered as a screen recording
  • Approximately 15-20 minutes in length
  • I’ll walk you through your chart, show you what’s happening, and describe how it’s likely affecting you
  • And, I’ll offer guidance on how to feel into the energy in your nervous system and allow your body to process, release, and shift.

Rate for a New Moon / Full Moon Somatic Astrology Mini-Reading:  $55


Purchase Your Reading
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  • Fill out this form to send me your birth info (and optional questions)
  • Once payment and info is received, you’ll receive your recording within three business days
Full Current Transit Somatic Astrology Reading

In a Full Current Transit Reading, we’ll dive deep into your birth chart and how your life path is affected by and interacting with the energy that’s present, right now.

For this reading, I’ll send you a list of detailed questions before we start. 

The questions will start to move the energy, help to focus your needs and desires, and uncover how we can most powerfully use our time to illuminate, transform, shift, or heal what’s present for you right now.


Some things we might examine in a reading….

  • What’s the nature of this challenge that’s happening?
  • What am I not seeing?
  • What’s the timing around the current cycles and the things I’m experiencing?
  • Is this current experience or challenge passing quickly, or likely to play out for awhile?
  • What’s the bigger picture or deeper nature of what I’m going through?
  • How can I open to the lessons or clarity that’s trying to emerge?
  • How is this playing into my higher purpose and spiritual journey?
  • What part of my soul’s path and purpose is asking to be further illuminated and expressed?
  • What new directions are being uncovered, now?


And of course, we’ll explore how the current energy patterns are landing in your nervous system… how your physical body and nervous system are being affected… how you can most effectively empower yourself with greater clarity, direction, and your next steps forward.


You have two options for how to receive your Current Transit Reading..

  • A live zoom call where we’ll meet and go through your chart together: answering questions, exploring what’s present and uncovering what’s being revealed.
  • Your zoom session is ninety minutes, and you’ll receive a recording of the session.
  • This option’s good if you want to ask questions live, or simply enjoy the real time, face-to-face interaction.

– OR –

  •  A screen recording where I walk you through your chart, examine and describe what’s present, and go in depth into your questions.
  • After you’ve received and listened to your recording, you’ll have the option to email me back with further questions or anything that needs clarification.
  • You’ll receive a follow-up recording, where I’ll answer your questions and delve deeper wherever desired. (Please note that follow up questions need to be sent within two weeks of receiving your session.)
  • This option’s good if you enjoy simply relaxing and receiving the information.  No appointment necessary.


Rate for a Full Current Transit Somatic Astrology Reading: $275


Purchase Your Reading
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  • Fill out this form to send me your birth info and delve into your topics and questions-  this will start the energy moving, and uncover what’s ready to be revealed in your reading.
  • If you’re doing a live session, I’ll send the link to my calendar to book your session.
  • If you’re receiving your reading via recording, you’ll have it within 5 business days after I’ve received your payment and completed info.